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WGA # 1848561

A single of mother of two with a hazy past has her whole world shaken up when her beloved children are abducted .

REBECCA LAWRENCE, A single mother residing in the usually safe and predictable suburbs of Cincinati, Ohio helplessly watches a rustic white van scurry away with her spirited teenage daughter XEINA LAWRENCE and her puppy eyed son CYON LAWRENCE.Wresting with her depleted faith, Rebecca seeks the aid of the local police department. In turn she receives the deep devotion and unwavering dedication of BANE RIQSTON, the department’s most hearted officer.


Captained by two masked figures, the rustic van that carries Rebecca’s precious cargo travels to an unknown destination. With a deep need for the familiar, the sibling duo cling to each other. Xeina attempts to soothe her brother while she prays for the best and prepares for the worst. Night turns into day. Xiena miraculously doses off in the midst of her anxiety with Cyon in her arms. But just as dreams of home begin to comfort Xeina, the sounds of her masked kidnappers nearing the rear of the van alert her. Stunned by fear Xeina cooperates when the figures demand her and Cyon exit the van in the middle of no where. Cyon,emotionally frail, annoys the aggressive and rude FIGURE ONE with his cries to the point where Figure One’s ally and friend FIGURE TWO intervenes to protect the young protagonists. Irritated by Figure Two’s disloyalty, Figure One knocks him out cold with a single blind sighted punch.

Back in the suburbs, Bane struggles to aid Rebecca. With a cold heart, Rebecca offers little to nothing about her past to assist Bane in his service to her and her children. Suspicion arises. Surging through his body, Bane’s instincts urge him delve more intensely into Rebecca’s vague past despite CHEIF CLIFTON, Bane’s stern and rigid superior, warning him to stick to the “book”.

The day seems to pass slowly. After knocking Figure Two out cold, Figure One forces Xeina to drag Figure Two’s unconscious body back to the van while he savagely handles Cyon. Exhausted after securing Figure Two into the van, Xenia clutches Cyon while being pressed against the farthest corner in the rustic white van away from Figure one. Prompted by Cyon’s compassionate heart, Xiena curiously approaches Figure Two’s unconscious body . With a semi-reluctant but inquiring mind Xeina slowly removes Figure Two’s mask. Shock envelopes her. Figure Two is in fact her childhood friend MILES, whom of which she’s shared countless memories with. A jarring feeling of heart ache consumes her.


Bane’s life has become engrossed with uncovering the secrets of Rebecca’s past. Dead end after dead end, Bane becomes more frustrated until he attempts to appeal to Chief Clifton. As expected Bane’s requests to retrieve entail on Rebecca’s past in her old stomping grounds, Arizona, is denied. Clifton reminds Bane that his focus is retrieving the children, not Rebecca’s obscure past in Arizona, of which Clifton emphasizes doesn’t fall in Cincinnati Jurisdiction. Determined to come out victorious, Bane resorts to his last option, He calls an associate saved in his phone as “MoleV”

Figure One continues to drive while the trio is are in the back at odds. Miles desperately tries to explain to Xeina that he had no idea the extremes of the job he was enlisted for and that he only took the job to save his baby brother Christian’s life. Fatigued from the whirlwind of the day Xeina chooses to forgive and Cyon follows his big sister’s lead. Just as a calm overtakes the trio, Figure One makes his way to the back of the van pissed to find Miles’ arms wrapped around Xeina. Cyon is fear stricken and begins to cry. Short fused, Figure one pulls out a gun and hurries the trio out the van. Feeling no need to disguise who he is any more, Figure One removes his mask and reveals himself as KEITH, another childhood friend of Xeina . He opens up about his smitten past for her and. Keith shows no remorse for his actions, only a strong determination to see the job through for the sake of financial gain.

At the Lawrence home Rebecca undergoes extreme distress. Torturing herself with the worst possibilities of the whereabouts of her children. Rebecca frantically searches her entire home for what she thinks might help her bring her children home. In the basement of the Lawrence home Rebecca finds a burner phone with a single out of state number saved and a separate slip of paper with a number that frightens Rebecca, (623) 666 - 1489. Stagnant and idle Rebecca stares at the burner phone and the slip of paper. What number to call first? Rebecca Rebecca takes the plunge and dials (623) 666 - 1489 only to hear a voice she dreads. Panicked, Rebecca calls the out of country number on the burner phone praying that the voice on the other end will be the one she so desperately needs to hear. XIER, Rebecca’s estranged husband, answers her call. The sound of his voice simultaneously brings comfort and despair. Immediately Rebecca remembers the moment they first parted. 16 years ago on a remote island the couple ran through thick shrubbery attempting to stay out of sight while Rebecca was caring Xeina in her womb. In their final moments together Xier hands off a gun and an external hard drive before leaving Rebecca with a kiss and instructions to find the evacuation chopper. As Rebecca’s memories subside in very few words she admits to Xier her need for him.

Bane is weary from his ongoing attempts to find a pathway to success. Anxiously waiting on his trusted aid, he heads home after a long day. As he climbs the stairs to his bedroom, undressing to get comfortable Bane is greeted by a figure stretched across his bed. A single bedside light is switched on and VONYA, a striking vixen who happens to be Bane’s “mole”, is revealed. Bane is startled and Vonya is amused. She chuckles at how easily Bane is startled and taunts him a bit. Vonya's playful words turn seductive but Bane’s mind is solely on his mission. Annoyed, she gives up on her personal antics and humors Bane’s obsession. She promises to get anything and everything Bane needs on Rebecca Lawrence.

With a gun held in perfect position Keith walks behind the trio until they reach their destination, the lair. Defenseless Xeina, Cyon and Miles are locked in cages, left to await the arrival of the boss man, RICH HEMINGSWAY as Keith counts stacks of money on an adjacent couch just feet away from our helpless pawns. Moments later Rich makes his arrival. He has an eery presences and a distinct intrigue with Xeina. as the hours pass, Rich has Keith escort Xeina to his private suite where he makes her offers she can’t refuse.

Following Xier’s instructions, Rebecca speeds in the late night to meet an unknown personnel with a priceless amount of diamonds that were stashed away in her home. Upon arrival she’s taunted by Vonya who is freelancing her services to anyone who is paying. Annoyed that her time is being wasted, Vonya warns Rebecca to move swiftly in getting her boss what he wants to avoid severe consequences. The women part ways and Rebecca calls on her old time friend CYBER, a four eyed cyber genius, for help. It's clear, Vonya’s superior wants that external drive Rebecca’s held onto all these years and its going to take a brilliant mind to keep the external drive out of the wrong hands. Rebecca prepares for war and Cyber prepares a clone of the hard drive.

Bane is perplexed by Vonya’s inability to produce what he needs to nail Rebecca. its far from her norm. Sensitive to his intuition, Bane calls Vonya over. Not sure how exactly he plans to get information out of her, Bane uses her longing heart to his advantage and seduces her. Wanting everything perfect, Vonya retreats to the restroom to freshen up. Bane thinks fast to maximize his time in the moment. He quickly jams the door. Tonya tries to make an exit but struggles. Bane assures her he can get her out, he just needs a moment. While she impatiently waits for him, Bane takes Vonya’s keys and jets to her car. Not sure of what he’s looking for, Bane carefully checks anywhere and everywhere until he lands on a combination secured suitcase. By God’s grace and his attentiveness to Vonya, Bane is able to crack the code and take photos of some useful files and documents before racing back to his room to free her.

Back at the lair Xeina sees an opening and goes for it. While the lair is still, Xeina wakes and calls to Keith softly. Finally waking him, Xeina tries to appeal to Keith. Softened by her gentleness Keith brings her out the cage and speaks to her candidly in the unwatched hallway of the lair. Sentiments are exchanged. As Keith whispers promises to keep Xeina safe and is overtaken by a much anticipated kiss, Xeina carefully takes keys from his pockets, keys that will aid in her escape.Ready to put an end to her daunting misery Rebecca makes a quick stop at the local police department to speak with Bane. Without explanation Rebecca plainly tells Bane to close the case. He insists on aiding her if she knows something he doesn’t. Rebecca politely declines Bane. As Rebecca takes her exit, Bane’s mind races and he realizes that tailing her is the only way he’ll close this case.


Vonya waits in her sports car under a single parking lot light for Rebecca to arrive. Expecting nothing less than what her Boss requested, Vonya struts over to Rebecca upon her arrival. Just as deals are being closed Bane arrives. Moving with haste, Vonya tries to shrewdly deceive Bane by explaining that she gathering intel from Rebecca on the case He’s asked her to work on. Feeling like a pawn, Rebecca asks a series of questions completely in shock. Handcuffing Vonya, Bane explains Vonya has been a double agent, freelancing her services for personal gain and assisting a man by the name of Rich Hemingsway. Panicked Rebecca warns Bane of the danger her children are in. With the assistance of Cyber, Rebecca, Bane and Vonya handcuffed in the backseat of Rebecca’s car leave speeding towards Rich’s lair.

Miles leads Xeina and Cyon out the lair with Keith behind chasing the trio. Following through with orders from Rich, Keith stretches a gun out ahead of him. Landing a shot on Xiena, she drops instantly. Cyon cries out and in the distance after making it to location, Rebecca recognizes the sound of her son’s cry. She takes off on foot toward him. Xiena begs Miles to get Cyon to safety. Painfully he complies and with teary eyes Miles runs as fast as he can with Cyon on his back. Keith full of regret reaches Xiena shortly after. He cradles her and tries to keep her stable as he pours out his heart to her.


Miles crosses paths with Rebeca and Bane. He explains that Xiena is fighting for her life and he honored her wishes of getting Cyon to safety. Bane calls for backup and Rebecca gives Miles the keys to her car. Bane hands Miles a gun and warns him not to let Vonya out of the back. Focused on getting to Xiena, Rebecca and Bane take off.


As Xiena shows compassion on Keith, begging him to let her die for the sake of his family Rebecca and Bane scramble to the ground to aid her. Bane’s instincts kick in and He starts to slow Xiena’s bleeding. Enraged, Rebecca takes off to face Rich Hemingway. Bane tries to stop Rebecca but she dismisses him and tells Bane to take care of Xiena.

Waiting for Keith to return with a job well done Rich takes solace in his private quarters. With a heart set on avenging her children, Rebecca barges into Rich’s lair screaming his name. From the shadows Rich appears. Annoyed by Rebecca’s nerve, Rich chastises her but when Rebecca holds her ground Rich attacks and a hand to hand battle commences. Just as Rebecca seems victorious, the battle takes a turn for the worst. The couple topple over his suede couch and Rich holds her down beneath him. His Sick attraction compels him to start ripping off Rebecca clothes. Weak but strong willed Rebecca tries to release herself form Rich’s clutches but she’s repeatedly unsuccessful. Fate looks dark for Rebecca, as Rich prepares to violate her, she prays. As if the heavens split and delivered him Xier takes a fatal shot at Rich’s head. Running to Rebecca , Xier scoops her into his arm and Carries her out of the lair whispering I love you’s and promising to never leave her again.

The following day Rebecca wakes in a hospital roomed circled by Xier, Cyon, Miles and Keith. Xiena rests in the bed adjacent to her. Bane visits to offer his well wishes. Gratitudes are exchanged as the scene resolves.


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