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WGA # 1849050

Two sisters rescued out of a skewed foster care system do their best to hide their shady past from the ones that love them most.

 Restlessly typing on her laptop comfortably on her pillow top mattress is SHAYLYNN, an ambitious work-a-holic with a hunger for power and nurturing touch.  All of sudden the perfect silence breaks with wrestling noises outside of her window. Slipping out from under her egyption cotton sheets Shaylynn tips to her window. Shay regretfully opens the window, the air outside is still then suddenly a figure moves. Before she can get a shrill out a hand covers Shaylynn's mouth. Its her sister DAYNA, a carefree and adventurous spirit. Dayna allows Shaylynn to recognize her before moving her hand. Someone's been following Dayna, can she out run terror?


Relieved that it was only her sister lurking outside her window. Shaylynn makes room for Dayna to enter. Sensing that something is wrong Shaylynn begins to interrogate Dayna. Dayna withholds but Shaylynn continues to pry. Dayna finally opens up, the people she fears most have found her. Shaylynn comforts Dayna and promises to take care of everything. Dayna is reluctant to take her sisters help, scared that the past will jeopardize their present blessings. Dayna eventually retires to her room after much reassurance from Shaylynn, not sure how is she can find peace with her sister’s decision.

Sunlight peaks through a window into a room befitting a small town socialite. Nestled between a plush comforter and sheets is DAYNA, Gently the sun wakes her. She. Dayna takes a moment to look at herself in the mirror. She tussles her hair and heads to the kitchen. A bit of disappointment dresses her face. Shaylynn is at the counter with a bowl of oatmeal unenthusiastically stirring. The two are confused, usually their mother is up early cooking Sunday breakfast. organic conversation between the siblings manifest. Just as the girls begin to disagree about Shaylynn’s unwavering decisions of putting an end to Dayna’s terrors, their family barges in the kitchen; ANGELA, the sisters' gorgeous middle aged latina mother. JASON, the girls' debonair middle age caucasian father and JAISTEN, the girls' charming biracial little brother. The family startle the girls with balloons, gifts and an amazing breakfast spread on platters. Its the family’s third year together, their adoption anniversary.


Shaylynn makes a swift exit with lingering apologies and promises to home by 8pm. hoping in her car and driving for a few hours she turns on a private street. A little rugged but somewhat still inviting. Outside on the curb in front of a semi- charming home a handsome face waits. Shay pulls up next to the heartthrob. QWESS, A street savy nomad and a faithful friend gets in her car. She’s grateful to have him with her.


Determined to still celebrate three amazing years as a family Angela and Jason get dressed to take Dayna and Jaisten to laser tag. As Angela brushes her hair into a ponytail, a daunting thought presses on her heart. What if something is wrong with Dayna and Shaylynn? Catching the tail end of their conversation before the surprise breakfast left so many unanswered questions. Jason reassures his loving wife that she has nothing to worry about. He feels confident that in the past three years the family has become so close that when adversity arises, Shaylynn and Dayna know who they can run to. Angela is still flustered but Jason’s loving kisses slows her heart rate and give her a few moments of distraction. Maybe she was over reacting all along.


Not much is said on Shaylynn & Qwess’ car ride. Just a mutual understanding and short trips down memory lane are shared. The duo pull up to a secluded location. Outside, a worn warehouse two males dress in all black stand at the entrance. Shaylynn and Qwess exit her car and walk up to the pair. DIG, a heavy set “block boy” with a twisted sense of humor address the duo. Questioning what their business is and being echoed by RAY, Dig's right hand, Shaylynn becomes annoyed by the novice protocol. She simply tells Dig to move. Shaylynn is on a tight schedule and they know each other well so formals are not necessary. Shaylynn pushes through and Qwess follows her lead. Dig goes to catch up them and Ray follows behind. Feeling emasculated, Dig explains that for the sake of peace, Shaylynn and Qwess can’t just barge in. Seconds later they approach Rocco’s, a powerful "set king” in the city, lair.

Dig leads the duo in, announcing their arrival. Rocco doesn’t bother to look up. “Whatcha doing' here Shay? Thought we had an agreement?” , he asks. Shaylynn proceeds to explains that some of his “foot soldiers” has been tailing Dayna . Rocco becomes annoyed. Plainly letting Shaylynn know he has no parts in whatever squabble Dyana has with is corner boys and he has no cares about it either. Before Qwess can petition on Shaylynn’s behalf Rocco has Dig escort the duo out.


Dig Follows the duo out the front where Ray is eager to interact with the group.The trio continues to walk to Shaylynn's car. Final words are exchange before the duo prepare to leave. Shay has a million thoughts. Qwess checks in with her. She’s determined to relieve Dayna of her torment and Qwess is determined to have Shaylynn’s back. Shaylynn is comforted and grateful that at least she’d have someone to face the unknown with. As soon as Shay starts the ignition she glances at the clock. Pressed for time Shaylynn coaxes Qwess to come home with her for dinner so she won’t be late. Reluctantly he agrees, not sure how a foster care gypsy will mesh with a fortunate families of the suburbs.


At home, Angela stirs a big pot on the stove as Jason and Jaisten prep the dinner table. Dayna stands slightly to the side texting Shaylynn: "Shay where are you, its 8:45” Dayna’s nerves abuse her. She's expecting the worst but praying for the best. Thirty odd minutes pass and Dayna continues to text her sister while trying to keep her family distracted. Finally to her relief Shaylynn walks in with a familiar face. Grateful that their jewel is home in a seemingly great mood, the family greets her warmly and when Dayna runs over to Qwess like she's been reunited with her long lost brother, they welcome him in as well. The scene resolves on light conversations and full smiles.




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